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Research Asia team believes business and business skill enhancements to bring any organization more profitable and ready to compete the global market. We provide a business launching platform and bring new research and technology to bring your business level up combining with human skills.

Quaternary Vision

Quaternary sector- evolves in well-developed countries where the primary and secondary sectors are a minority of the economy, and requires a highly educated workforce. Which is our ASEAN 4.0 Industrial needs. Between primary and secondary, the tertiary and quaternary sectors form the largest part of the UK economy, employing 76% of the workforce. The number of people who earn their living in these activities is increasing.

Quaternary sector consists of intellectual industries providing information services, market research, computing and ICT (information and communication technologies), business consultancy, entertainment, media, culture, education, financial planning, blogging, designing and research & development.

Quaternary sector seen as a way to generate higher margins or returns on investment. By directed into cutting costs, tapping into markets, producing innovative ideas, new production methods and methods of manufacture, among others.

To many industries, such as the AI, telecom, marketing and pharmaceutical, industry, the quaternary sector is the most valuable because it creates future secondary-sector branded products from which companies’ profit.

Let’s collaborate or call to RESEARCH ASIA CO., LTD to be more powerful to achieve your dream, let’s be together with one vision, one identity, and one community.

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We comprised with 14 Experts, Manager, Country Manager, Researchers, Moderator, Translator, SIM Translator, and Script writer, Voice over Artist, Supervisor, Quality Checker, and Interviewers. We have 150 Freelancers well trained staff Across ASEAN region for DATA Collection, we are well equipped for covering ASEAN region with Language and demographical understanding.

Pankaj Kumar Dubey Managing Director
Miss Suwanna Managing Director (Thai)
Mr. Kong Sophy Business Development Manager
Amit Kumar Dubey Project Manager(Research and Data)

Believe me your dream is more powerful then every other problem. So, let’s stop worrying

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