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The quaternary sector is the most valuable because it creates future secondary-sector branded products from which companies’ profit.

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Marketing Research
The DecisionMaking

Collecting data for measurable goals, analyzing patterns, facts from insights, and use to develop strategies that benefit the business in multiple areas.

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Fast Adoptation
New Technology->

The most ASEAN countries today is in the need to transform their industries from low productivity to higher productivity.

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Data Center
Acceess Data

ASEAN Region

We provides marketing research solutions data and insights for decision making to assure your entery and market share in the ASEAN market.

Marketing Research

We have language & demographical excellences with skill and will for collecting accurate data to understand market and consumer’s needs.

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ASEAN Business

We have a dedicated team under expert supervision for scheduled data collection with various sets of data for research and development purposes.

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Quaternary Sector
Workshop 4.0

Industry experts and learders bring their skills and experiences in workshop to provide equal chances for everyone to grow together and lead the 21st century.

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Solutions for all kinds of organization problems to provide a competitive advantage for the organization by combining human, and artificial intelligence with multiple research.

Quantitative Research

At NDT We conduct quantitative research with descriptive and experimental designs with the most efficient tools and provide the best stats to clients.

Qualitative Research

Collection of non-numerical data focusing on meaning-making through IDI, FGD, ethnographic, along with observational, interactional, and visual texts.

Clinical Research

Determines the effectiveness of product and services in a particular market focusing on meaning-making through Test Drive, Product Performance test.

Website Design

Layout to meet your requirements, marketing goals, e-commerce, userfriendly interface, payment gateway with rigorous SEO, and Google, Facebook ads.

App’s Design

Native & cross-platform apps for all operating systems like iOS, Android, iPhone, Windows. We create the kind of apps that people loves to use.

Graphics Design

Creation of graphics to strengthen brand and your marketing messages across online and print channels. We creative solution to maximize brand value.


Program goals to improve the “Quaternary Sector" and provide equal chances to learn and earn, by improvising of our skill to design a skilled based nation.

Research Lab

Enclosed various industries and sectors data-set, report, journal, articles, and references, with advance market research tools and apps for research purposes


We have multiple experts & consultants and we know how to break apart problems, gather and analyze hard data to build solution for business and organization.


Marketing research (data collection, cleaning, transformation, interpretation and report) projects by using human skills with the best available tools and techniques.

Marketing Research

A well equipped, highly committed team to collect accurate data for clear research findings.

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In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

A conversation between a researcher & respondent with the purpose of exploring issues detail.

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Business Consultation

Provide management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency.

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Central Locations Tests (CLTs)

A type of Quantitative research technique, Product marketing tests performed in controlled environments

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Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)

A way to gather together people from similar backgrounds to discuss a specific topic of interest

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Product Testing

A process of measuring the properties or performance of products.

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Experts Skills

A great platform for launching business, product/services in the ASEAN market to lead or maximise your % market share.

We have multiple well qualified and skilled Moderators for qualitative market research ascrros ASEAN Region.
We have multiple well qualified and skilled SIM-Translators for qualitative market research ascrros ASEAN Region.
We have multiple well qualified and skilled Interpreter for qualitative market research ascrros ASEAN Region.
We have multiple well qualified and skilled Script writer and Voice over Artist for all kind of market research ascrros ASEAN Region.

Together with one vision ->

We believe skill enhancements can make any organization Compitative, Sustanable and profitable.

Corporate feedback

The best solution provider for data collection within the ASEAN region with excellent language and demographical understanding.

Creative Team

A combined team of Researcher, Business Consultants, Managers, and 75+ freelancers in ASEAN Region to full-fil All kind Marketing Research Requirements.

Marketing Research- Business Analytics and Data Science.

Pankaj Dubey

Marketing Research

Master in Digital Media Marketing and Research Operation.

Suwanna Moung

Managing Director

Research Operation and Project Management Cambodia.

Kong Sophy

Research Operation

Research Operation and Project Management Myanmar.

Nilar Win

Research Operation


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